Out of the 100 submissions from landscape architecture programs around the world received for the Barcelona Landscape Biennale Exhibition of Landscape Architecture Schools, UNSW Built Environment Landscape Architecture was shortlisted to the best 27 and then down to the best 13 in the world, along with Harvard and some other great schools, which is an amazing effort. UNSW Built Environment students and staff are very proud of this achievement.

Ten landscape architecture design projects were submitted as a representation of the recent work from the program, including projects for urban landscapes in Woolloomooloo and Gosford in New South Wales, Hamburg in Germany, and also some work from this year’s project addressing the landscape potential of the proposed new airport for Sydney at Badgerys Creek.

A special thank you and congratulations to the following current students and recent graduates for their contributions:

Tom  Atkins

Marie-Claire Geach

Wenyu Kee

Natasha Polozenko

Alex Georgouras

Stevie Medcalf

David Whitworth, James Kidd, Liam Isaksen, Zhian McIntyre, Ryan Saxby

Alex Crowe, Ben Charleton, James Bibby, Morgan Hannan

Jane Mulligan, Gabriel Sicari, Rebecca Surian, Octavia Rogers

Karen Ruthven, James Bibby, Nick Tuttle, Alf Escuin