The 2014 recipients for the Michael Dorrell Award in Mathematics are current UNSW students Joshua Lau and Kexin Tong. 

The purpose of the Award is to encourage two exceptional students (one male and one female), identified as recipients of The Beautiful Mind Scholarship, to undertake study at UNSW.

Kexin Tong is studying a combined Advanced Mathematics/Arts degree majoring in mathematics and finance.

Joshua Lau, who says he felt "pleasantly surprised and especially blessed" to receive the award, is studying a combined Advanced Mathematics/Computer Science degree.

Joshua says, "I was originally planning to major only in Computer Science, but I had a keen interest in mathematics, so the scholarship definitely encouraged me to continue to pursue that at a university level which I absolutely don't regret taking up. The scholarship has also placed less financial pressure on me to fund my studies, enabling me to focus my time on studying what I enjoy. Overall, I also feel grateful to the donor (Mr Michael Dorrell) for his support that has enabled me to continue to enjoy mathematics at higher and higher levels.”

The Michael Dorrell Award in Mathematics has a monetary prize of $5000.

UNSW Mathematics and Statistics is the number one Mathematics School in the country, in both size and rankings. We are appreciative for the generosity of donors such as Michael Dorrell who help enable us to keep inspiring young people to study at a tertiary level. 

(Pictured L-R: Michael Dorrell; award recipient Joshua Lau)