UNSW Built Environment lecturer Ainslie Murray and Dr Paola Favaro have taken part in symposium and exhibition ‘Expanded Architecture’, as part of the Sydney Architecture Festival earlier this month.

Located in Australia Square, the exhibition artworks were selected by a panel including Penelope Seidler, UNSW Built Environment alumnus Dr Caroline Butler-Bowden (Sydney Living Museums), international curator Vladimir Belogolovsky and Dr Lian Loke.

Lecturer Ainslie Murray’s piece was titled ‘The Matter of Voids’.

Ainslie Murray is an interdisciplinary artist, architect and academic working principally in installation.

Second year architecture students Mitchell Harris, Nick Bucci, Sarita Tam and Joyce Tong led the performance component of the work in which members of the public were invited to interact with the work by spraying water onto it and dissolving it.

Murray has also recently exhibited work as part of the Shared Territories Exhibition in China alongside UNSW Built Environment Senior Lecturer Katrina Simon. The Shared Territories exhibition was an exhibition that focussed on practice-led research.

Murray’s piece was titled Particulate Matter + The Liquid Air (Prototype Elevations)

The exhibition was held on the campus of XJTLU in Suzhou, China in October and early November and was supported by the 2014 BE ECR Grant scheme, a 2014 BE conference travel grant and the Vice Chancellors Childcare Support Fund. Simon is a senior lecturer in landscape architecture at UNSW Built Environment, designer and visual artist trained in architecture, landscape architecture, and fine art.

She has research and teaching interests in cartography and landscape representation, urban landscape architecture, particularly in earthquake-affected cities, and cemetery history and design.

The Affordance of Iteration: (Per)forming Landscape’s Ambiguous Surfaces