UNSW Art & Design offers the widest range of Art, Design, Digital Media, and Media Arts disciplines and dual degree opportunities of any art & design school in Australia. 

Apply through UAC and boost your chances for late round admission by submitting a portfolio.

Intensive studio practice, individual and collaborative projects, technical training, industry and real-life problem solving are just some of the learning experiences shared by students at UNSW Art & Design. In our dynamic and industry connected programs you will explore the frontiers of creative practice through a balance of conceptual learning and hands-on making skills and techniques.

Limited places are available in the February Round 1 UAC round for single and dual degree programs in Fine Arts, Design, Media arts, and Art Theory.

Applicants have until the 27th January to apply or change their UAC preferences to be considered for the February Round 1 UAC round.

Applicants who have an ATAR (including adjustment factors) of at least 70 have the opportunity to submit a portfolio to boost their chances of receiving an offer. Portfolios can consist of a small sample of images, a URL link to your online portfolio or a short piece of written work. Submitting a portfolio is a simple process. You can submit your portfolio (in addition to your UAC application) online here.

When submitting your portfolio, keep in mind:

  • Please remember that we are not expecting perfection. We are simply looking to see your creative potential as well as your willingness to learn and try new techniques.
  • If you choose the option to submit images (no more than 6) for your portfolio they must be JPEGs, and the size of each image must be no more than 1500 pixels in either width or height. Helpful information on how to resize your photos for windows can be found here, or if you are using a mac here.
  • When submitting your portfolio via the online form, please ensure that you first click the 'Save Draft' button to complete your portfolio. Once you have finished arranging your portfolio online and have clicked ’Save Draft,’ you can then press ‘I Agree, please accept my submission for review’ to complete the process of submitting your portfolio.

The deadline to submit a portfolio for the February Round 1 UAC Round is 27 January. More information on Portfolio Submission can be found here.
February Round 1 offers are released through UAC on the 3rd February.

UNSW Art & Design faculty staff are available to help if you need advice and assistance with this process. Please contact our Recruitment Coordinator Chad Roberts via email: chad.roberts@unsw.edu.au or phone: (02) 8936-0675 if you have any questions.

The University Admissions Centre (UAC) also provides helpful answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the UAC Main Round and February Round 1 offer process.

We wish you every success with your University application.


Fine Arts

UAC code 421000 – Bachelor of Fine Arts
UAC code 421001 – Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bachelor of Arts
UAC code 429230 – Bachelor of Fine Arts /  Bachelor of Science 
UAC code 429395 – Bachelor of Fine  Arts / Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) 
UAC code 422140 – Bachelor of Fine Arts / Bachelor of Education (Secondary)


The Bachelor of Fine Arts Hons is studio practice-based, fosters a spirit of inquiry and provides students with opportunities to work within and across established and emergent disciplines and technologies.


UNSW Art & Design offers students an unmatched range of studio programs, workshops, cutting edge and traditional equipment, environments and exhibition spaces to produce and exhibit their work.  
These include: 

  • Photography – both analogue (traditional wet/chemical studios) and digital photography
  • Ceramics studio
  • Digital media and emerging technologies production facilities
  • Film and video art production
  • Sculpture, installation and environments spaces
  • Jewellery studio
  • Drawing studio
  • Painting studio
  • Performance spaces
  • Printmaking including etching, lithography and screen printing studios
  • Textiles studio


UAC code 421100 – Bachelor of Design
UAC code 421101 – Bachelor of Design / Bachelor of Media (PR & Advertising)
UAC code 422141 – Bachelor of Design / Bachelor of Education (Secondary)


The Bachelor of Design degree programs offer an integrated education linking key specialisations of design such as graphics, communication, objects, environments and spatial design, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, media  and technology.


UNSW Art & Design offers programs and features specialist studio and workshop facilities in the following areas:

  • Applied object design – including designing 3D objects such as furniture and lighting
  • Design and computing – including interactive design, web design and screen interface design, wearable design, and digital media design
  • Environments and spatial design – including interiors, exhibition, theatre, urban and landscape design
  • Graphic media studio – includes visual identity design, book, magazine and digital media layout design, illustration, experimental typography and letterpress printing
  • Design history, theory and aesthetics
  • Design thinking, management, strategy
  • Social innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Communication, identity and branding, media and advertising
  • Ceramics studio – including designing objects for the table, industry, interiors, installation and experimental design works
  • Jewellery studio – including design for the body, costume and fashion; designs for the table, interiors and industry; and installation and experimental object design
  • Textiles studio – including design for the body, costume design, accessories and fashion; objects, interiors, and designing for the commercial textiles industry; and installation and experimental textile art and design

Media Arts

UAC code 421200 – Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours)
UAC code 422142 – Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours) / Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
UAC code 425801 – Bachelor of Media Arts (Honours) / Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) 


The Bachelor of Media Arts (BMA) is an innovative, industry aligned and research active program that provides students with a strong foundation across contemporary creative media and technology production including animation, video, sound and image, interactive, emergent and cross media technologies and systems. 


UNSW Art & Design graduates are equipped in problem-solving across a range of disciplines in the creative media world. Our graduates work nationally and internationally in media and creative industries, including  the following creative content production and distribution areas:

  • Animation design and production
  • Digital publishing and communications
  • Video, online and mobile media
  • Interaction, user-experience and environments
  • Digital strategy
  • Film, television, online and mobile production
  • Multiplatform media development and production
  • Production management and development
  • Sound design, composition and production
  • Scientific imaging and visualisation
  • Media strategy and planning
  • Entrepreneurship, innovation and media startups

Art Theory

UAC code 421400 – Bachelor of Art Theory
UAC code 421400 – Bachelor of Art Theory / Bachelor of Arts
UAC code 421400 – Bachelor of Art Theory / Bachelor of Social Research and Policy


The Bachelor of Art Theory is designed specifically for aspiring thinkers, producers, curators, innovators and entrepreneurs interested in pursuing a career in the creative and cultural sectors.


Contemporary Art and Design Thinking

This major considers ways of thinking about contemporary art and design practices, including experimentalism, art history, aesthetics, visual culture, critical theory and creative methodologies. Focusing on creative research, this major will introduce you to ways of investigating and articulating contemporary art and design.

Publishing and Curatorial Studies

This major will develop research skills in the areas of curation, contemporary art writing and publishing. It focuses on the history and future of curatorial studies and publishing and writing environments.

Contexts for Creative Practice

This major will foster an environment for the integration of thinking and making. It will provide you with the skills to identify, research, analyse and evaluate art, media and design practices. Contemporary approaches to art and design will be explored by engaging diverse processes and by using open-ended frameworks and methods.