“In our re-imagined and re-built campus, UNSW Art & Design (previously COFA), we are teaching for a globalised, ultra-networked future in which the most important skills our graduates will take away are transferable across disciplines — like creativity, originality and the ability to size up and solve complex problems.”

Professor Ross Harley,
Dean, UNSW Art & Design
Originally published in The Australian

Creativity has rarely been more valued and appreciated than it is today. The creative industries continue to lead growth in advanced economies across the globe and the role of art and culture is increasingly recognised as essential to our individual development and the wellbeing of our societies.

The capacity to be creative and to work across disciplines is now seen as central to many careers and industries. That’s why we offer an exciting and comprehensive range of dual degree programs that are inspired by the world in which our students will ultimately work—a world in which few people work alone or in just one discipline, and in which it is important to understand and master a variety of skills.

Our dual degree programs give our students the opportunity to work across the boundaries between creative technologies, art and design, science and a wide range of professional disciplines.

Dual degrees are not only for students with clearly chosen career interests—they offer valuable complementary sets of conceptual tools and transferable skills that open more doors and create more opportunities in the ever changing creative economy. UNSW Art & Design is taking the concept of interdisciplinary art, design and media education to a new level.

Australia’s #1 creative faculty, UNSW Art & Design offers 18 different dual degree combinations. Kick off or upgrade your creative career with us.

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