The Full time MBA Class of 2014 and 2015 from AGSM@UNSW Business School as well as alumni from the AGSM community, met at the UNSW Sydney CBD campus for an evening of catch-ups and friendly networking.

The event was the culmination of the AGSM ‘Conversations’ program that pairs each new student with an experienced graduate for an inspiring telephone conversation. The phone call is a chance for students to make their first connection with the AGSM alumni network and seek advice from someone who has also been on the MBA journey. At the event, students were able to meet their ‘conversations’ partner in person while networking with alumni from the wider AGSM community.

“At the AGSM, we are committed to increasing our students’ access to industry and it’s great to see that tonight they are gaining that access from so many alumni in various industries,” said AGSM Director, Professor Julie Cogin.

“This is the kind of mentoring spirit that really encapsulates AGSM alumni.”

The event was hosted by Alumni Advisory Board President, Justin Di Lollo (MBA '00) who along with guest speaker Phil Hayes-St Clair (MBA ’13), discussed the power of the AGSM alumni network.

“In my cohort, I met genius business people. We stay in touch regularly, they’ve opened doors for me and I for them,” said Phil.

“I suspect many of us, students and graduates, aren’t fully aware of the global network we have here at the AGSM. Through his network, if you get involved, opportunities will be presented to you. You just have to have your full radar on to capture them.”

UNSW Business School Dean, Professor Chris Styles thanked graduates for their continued support of the School and for their generosity towards the new MBA students.

“The sharing of a conversation works both ways,” said graduate James Gow (MBA Exec ‘04). “Alumni can learn as much from students as the students can from them.”