Entrepreneurial hopefuls Shirin Prabhu, Virginia Wang, Jerry Zhou, and Kevin Chen will compete in Montreal this week in one of the world's biggest business case competitions.

The UNSW students will go head to head against students from Queens, Alberta and Edinburgh universities in the 2015 John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC).

Hosted by the John Molson Business School from Concordia University in Montreal, the JMUCC features student teams from 24 world renowned business schools, from 13 different countries. Over the course of a week, teams will be required to test their creative and analytical skills, solving business cases on the fly and presenting their analysis to a panel of industry specialists and judges who at the end of the week will determine the victor.

The top teams will play off in a final at the end of the week.

Presentations will be live streamed on the jmucc.ca  website.​