We are delighted to announce the 2015 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES) in Shanghai on June 2-7.

The International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES) is co-hosted by Tongji University and the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

The topic of 2015 ISCES is 'Biodiversity and Sustainable Urbanization' and will bring together university students from around the world to participate in the discussion of relevant issues on environment and sustainability.

UNSW Built Environment Professor Deo Prasad is a regular speaker at the conference, a lead presenter at Asia Pacific Leadership Program and guest Professor at the UNEP Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development based at Tongji University. 

“This international student conference brings together tertiary students from many countries working in different disciplinary areas to get together to better understand an important problem of making this planet more resilient and sustainable.  

“Built environment students play a major role in making better cities hence this sharing of experiences will enrich student understanding of other views than their own.”