Applications are now open for an exciting new opportunity, the Professor Wanbil Lee prize for ethical leaders in business.

We’re looking for rising leaders from the AGSM community who couple commercial success and good business practice with ethical leadership.

This new prize is open to all current AGSM students and graduates working in a managerial role who demonstrate entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and business ethics in their workplace.

Applicants can be based anywhere in the world and winners will receive $1000 cash and will be profiled across the university website and the AGSM alumni Edge newsletter.

The prize has been established by Professor Wanbil Lee, who holds Adjunct Professorial appointments at numerous higher educational institutions. He is a specialist in the area of Information Systems and his experience spans government, business and academia across Hong Kong, Australia and abroad. Professor Lee is passionate about ethics and best-practice leadership, with a special research interest in ethical computing and information security management.

Professor Lee said the idea of the prize came about when reflecting on the phrase do the right thing as a guide for ideal leadership in business.

“Ethical leaders are those who do the right thing right,” said Professor Lee.

“Simply ‘Doing the right thing’ is a necessity but it’s often not enough. Doing the right thing right means taking the course of action that results in techno-economic gains while also benefiting society. It’s often not easy, but it is achievable and something leaders should strive for.”

For an example of how ‘Doing the right thing right’ impacts in a practical situation, Professor Lee has provided a parable extracted from his lecture notes on Computer Ethics.

Applications are open until April 30. Apply online.