Efforts to engage institutional investment in rental housing provision were badly damaged by the 2014 termination of the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS); yet lessons can be learned from the NRAS initiative and these should inform a successor program.
Building on our major 2013 study, a newly-published City Futures report reviews the NRAS experience and other emerging developments around the institutional financing of rental housing. 
With contributions from (CFRC Visiting Fellow) Judy Yates and Prof Peter Williams (Cambridge University), the report focuses mainly on the Australian context. However, it also references rapidly unfolding UK developments involving both government- and industry-led initiatives that have made major advances in this space over the past two years and which have possible implications for Australia. 
Drawing on interviews with finance experts and senior policymakers, as well as a review of recent Australian and UK publications, the report details 10 recommendations to government for action to re-start progress towards this widely-shared policy objective.