Yesterday afternoon our PhD students gathered in Room 4082 to listen to fellow students and School staff discuss their PhD experiences.

Isaac Donnelly, Austen Erickson, Jieyi He and Boris Beranger, all in the latter stages of their PhDs, imparted advice and helpful tips to the student attendees. Boris Lerner, a former PhD student of the School who now works here as a Postdoc, recounted his experiences and provided valuable information for students wishing to pursue Postdoctoral positions following their studies. 

This session was a prelude to a casual event held in the Staff Common Room, where students socialised over drinks and our new PhD students were introduced by Professor David Warton and welcomed to the group.

We are looking forward to another vibrant year of Postgraduate events, including the second annual Postgraduate Conference, and a staff versus student soccer match. Welcome to our new students!

(Pictured - Above: Boris Lerner; Right: David Warton and our PhD cohort)