Four Business School lecturers have been ranked among UNSWs finest teachers in the University's highest teaching prize, the "Vice-Chancel​lor's Awards for Teaching Excellence" (2014).

Associate Professor Richard Morris (School of Accounting) was recognised for integrating business ethics into his course for the past ten years. This made thousands of students aware of how ethical principles - often ignored elsewhere - can aid to counteract sometimes perverse influences of economic incentives on accounting. This also provided students with valuable tools that are not otherwise found in normal accounting curriculums.

Dr Natalie Buckmaster (School of Accounting) was awarded for her innovative teaching method "The Living Classroom". Natalie draws extensively on industry connections to make the workplace a part of the student's course experience. She also uses a range of authentic learning activities such as role plays, simulations and storytelling – all of which encourage the student to make decisions that are typical of accountants, and be work-ready when they graduate.

Dr Michael Cahalane and Dr Daniel Schlagwein who applied as a team (School of Information Systems, Technology and Management), were commended for their creativity in taking project management ideas to run two complementing Information Systems courses. In their teaching, they applied a newly designed learning approach which used project formats that align with industry practices instead of conventional lecture formats.

Regarded as the university's highest teaching prize, the Teaching Excellence award recognises individuals with sustained excellence in teaching methods that inspire and support students to develop. Across UNSW, six winners from the "general" category were each awarded $7000, while two winners in the "early career" category received $3000 each. For the Contributions to Student Learning award, ten winners were awarded $1000 each.

Richard Morris won in the General Category for Teaching Excellence and Dr Natalie Buckmaster and Dr Michael Cahalane and Dr Daniel Schlagwein were awarded VCs Awards for Contributions to Student Learning.

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