UNSW Art & Design lecturer George (Poonkhin) Khut and Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate Frances Barrett are among a small group of artists who have been personally selected by Marina Abramović to participate in her live-in residency.

The residency is part of Marina Abramović: In Residence, the 30th Kaldor Public Art Project, taking place June 24 – July 5 at Pier 2/3 in Walsh Bay.

Co-curators Sophie O’Brien and Emma Pike, a Master of Art Administration (now a Master of Curating and Cultural Leadership), graduate, selected 65 artists for the residency positions and Marina Abramović handpicked the final 12 artists.

The selected artists will live on site at Pier 2/3 in a space designed by Harry Seidler & Associates Architects for the duration of the project. They will participate in workshops with Abramović and contribute towards the daily public program with workshops and talks.

The residency will also give the participating artists the chance to work on their own artistic projects. George Khut will use the time to further develop his work with biofeedback technologies.

Visitors to the exhibition will be encouraged to spend time with the residency artists while the space is open to the public 12-7pm daily.

The residency artists include Natalie Abbott, Frances Barrett, Clark Beaumont comprised of Sarah Clark and Nicole Beaumont, Lottie Consalvo, Nicola Gunn, George Khut, Sarah-Jane Norman, Sarah Rodigari, Christian Thompson and zin comprised of Harriet Gillies and Roslyn Helper.

UNSW Art & Design is a Public Program Collaborator with Kaldor Public Art Projects.

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