As part of an ongoing commitment to delivering programs with a strong international focus, AGSM MBA Programs is expanding international field study options to include three study tours in 2015.

The International Business Experience (IBE) course, an alternative to International Business, a foundation course in the MBA (Executive,) gives participants a chance to immerse themselves in the diversity, local culture and business landscape of other regions.  "Participants experience the colour and movement of these cultures, something that simply can't be learnt in a classroom" says IBE Course Facilitator, Tim Harcourt.

In 2014, participants toured Japan and South Korea, two economic giants with unique business and cultural dimensions.   "Participants were addressed by prominent business and political figures, including the Australian Ambassador and senior leaders from Shinhan Financial Group, POSCO and Hyundai in South Korea" says Tim.

The Japanese leg of the tour was supported and co-ordinated by cross-cultural marketing consultancy, doq ( whose  extensive regional knowledge enabled the students to meet with a broad range of organisations and leaders. "In Japan, we met with the Bank of Japan, Rabobank, law firm White and Case, along with Australia's Senior Trade Commissioner, who discussed the influence of Abenomics" says Tim.  "Leading advertising agency, Dentsu, offered insight into the Japanese consumer and eyewear retailer, J!NS, demonstrated how a unique product can be built in a short amount of time."

Key speakers on this tour included:

  • Bill Paterson, Ambassador to Rep​ublic of Korea
  • Mr Sung Hun Yu, Shinhan Financial Group
  • Kazuhide Tanaka, Rabobank
  • Mangyo Kinoshita and Jun Usami, White & Case LLP               
  • Takayuki Tomioka and Kana Takeyama, Dentsu Inc.
  • Akira Matsui, J!NS Eyewear​

The 2015 tours will focus on regions with strong emerging economies in Asia and Latin America, including Brazil, the world's fifth largest economy and Chile, a strong emerging economy.

The program is two-tiered; a local classroom unit to prepare and give context, and an overseas field study unit, blending classroom activities with experiential learning in environments that are culturally, physically and institutionally diverse. 

Beyond business knowledge and tools, the program offers a personal development experience to help students become truly cosmopolitan leaders. "There is no better way to experience the cultural and social contexts that influence how businesses operate abroad, than to visit one of the destination countries. The AGSM international study tours enrich the MBA experience, broaden one's perspective and create lasting memories" says past participant, Sean Andrews.

To find more about the International Business Experience program and how you can get involved, contact AGSM MBA's Global Partnerships Coordinator, Lisa Barrett.