“A well rounded university experience must extend beyond the books,” says Bachelor of Commerce/Economics student Jaewoo Jin, UNSW President of the Financial Management Association of Australia (FMAA).

At FMAA’s 12th annual Down to Business Luncheon, Jaewoo told a room of some 300 student members that being part of FMAA while studying at the UNSW Business School has taught him the importance of networking and developing personal relationships.

FMAA was formed in 1990 as a joint society for students studying business at UNSW and the University of Sydney. The society gives students access to professional networks and other opportunities outside the classroom, including the chance to boost personal contacts and meet business executives at the flagship Down to Business Luncheon.

AGSM graduate and Alumni Leader, Rod de Aboitiz (MBA Exec ’04) Founder of Provecho Partners, was guest speaker at this year’s event.

Rod discussed the importance of failure in a successful business career and encouraged students to embrace the scrapes and bruises that come with taking calculated and necessary risks.

“Taking risks, particularly in the beginning of your career, is a good thing as it gives you an appreciation of danger,” said Rod.

“To take risk out of your life is to deny yourself life.”

Rod also emphasised the importance of life-long learning and said, “Great benefits come to those who are persistently curious.”

Resourcefulness, who you know, as well as what you know, will, according to Rod, be increasingly important for the current generation of business graduates in a rapidly changing landscape.

Rod encouraged students to learn the art of making decisions instinctively, to learn to say ‘yes’ and also ‘no’ when the time is right, and to always be open to change.