The 2015 MBA Cup, a test of both brains and brawn for current MBA students from AGSM@UNSW Business School and Melbourne Business School (MBS), was hosted by AGSM on 26th and 27th June. 

An impressive number of MBS students made the trip north to compete and support their team.  When asked why she made the trip,  MBS debating team member, Candice Vallimont, said she thought it an important part of the MBA experience and that the friendly rivalry between the schools created a collegiate atmosphere.

AGSM 2016 Student President, Trevor Harris, said that the beyond the sporting rivalry, the cup experience gave students from both schools a chance to discuss shared challenges and create connections and a network that they could take into their post-MBA careers.

With both teams entering the theatre to thunderous applause, the stage was set for day one of the 2015 tournament, the debate for the prestigious Deloitte Cup.  Debating under Harvard rules, the teams had only one hour to prepare on the topic "Unpaid internships should be abolished."

The AGSM team, arguing in the affirmative, set the scene for their argument, stating that there was no such thing as a free lunch; unpaid internships benefited neither the individual, nor the company and were in fact, career damaging.

The MBS team argued that 'unpaid' and 'unrewarded' were entirely different things; internships, by definition, were rewarded with education, training and opportunity.

Both teams put forward a convincing argument and after a long, intense deliberation, the adjudicators awarded the debate to AGSM, ensuring the Deloitte Cup remained harbour side for another year.

Day two, the sporting leg of the tournament, started strongly for the MBS team, who showed off their prowess with a clean sweep in the Tug-of-War, followed by a convincing win in the Table Tennis.  

With both teams now on even points, the tournament was to come down to the soccer round.  

The first game was won convincingly by an MBS team who looked more like a professional outfit.    Overall tournament points were now 3-2 to MBS.

The atmosphere was charged as the final teams entered the pitch.  AGSM and MBS supporters, equal in number and volume, crowded the sidelines.  With fresh legs, and talented players, AGSM took the second game convincingly 4-1

The tournament, now deadlocked at 3 -3,   would be decided on a penalty shootout.  Both teams' supporters closed in around the strikers and the tension was palpable as they lined up their shots.  

 AGSM Director and Deputy Dean, Julie Cogin, on hand to support the team, described the atmosphere as "electric and exciting."   

At 5 – 4 with an MBS kick to come, the stage looked set to move in to sudden death, but in what can only be described as a Hollywood finish, AGSM goal keeper, Fouad Qureshi saved the final goal to take AGSM to the tournament win.

With their success across the greater number of sports, MBS deservedly took the Sports Day Cup but 2015 Tournament honours went to the AGSM Wombats.

AGSM 2016 Cohort Vice President, Robert Ludwick, expressed in his opening speech that regardless of the outcome, he hoped the 2015 MBA Cup would be a memorable one. 

At the close of the tournament, neither team could argue with that.​