We are pleased to announce that Dr Quôc Thông Lê Gia has co-authored a book which is due to be released this month via Springer Publishing.

Spherical Radial Basis Functions, Theory and Applications, co-authored with Simon Hubbert and Tanya M. Morton, is the first to be devoted to the theory and applications of spherical (radial) basis functions (SBFs), which is rapidly emerging as one of the most promising techniques for solving problems where approximations are needed on the surface of a sphere.

Of the 156-page book, Springer says: "The aim of the book is to provide enough theoretical and practical details for the reader to be able to implement the SBF methods to solve real world problems.

The authors stress the close connection between the theory of SBFs and that of the more well-known family of radial basis functions (RBFs), which are well-established tools for solving approximation theory problems on more general domains. The unique solvability of the SBF interpolation method for data fitting problems is established and an in-depth investigation of its accuracy is provided. Two chapters are devoted to partial differential equations (PDEs).

One deals with the practical implementation of an SBF-based solution to an elliptic PDE and another which describes an SBF approach for solving a parabolic time-dependent PDE, complete with error analysis. The theory developed is illuminated with numerical experiments throughout."

Spherical Radial Basis Functions, Theory and Applications will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in mathematics and related fields such as the geophysical sciences and statistics.

The book can be pre-ordered via Amazon.

Congratulations to Dr Le Gia on the impending release of his book.