As a scientific researcher in nutrition and obesity, Spaniard Pablo Quintero brings a unique perspective on life and business to his AGSM class.  A full time MBA student, he is passionate about using his degree to build a business which will have a significant and positive impact on the world.

Pablo spent the last seven years working in a team developing a cure for obesity - one of the great challenges facing both the developed, and increasingly, the developing world. To marry his chief interests of nutrition and entrepreneurship, Pablo moved to Australia to complete his MBA at the AGSM.

This month Pablo took out the winning title at the second annual Pitch Perfect Competition hosted by the AGSM Career Development Centre. He impressed the judges with his passion and commitment, evidenced in his bold statement, "I am made for building ideas to change the world".

The Pitch Perfect competition sees students of the full time MBA program prepare a 30-second introductory pitch video clarifying who they are, where they are heading and what they are offering prospective employers. Students are judged on clarity, credibility and how compelling their pitch is to the listener. A panel of judges included AGSM graduates, employers, entrepreneurs and staff.

The initiative aims to prepare students for the competitive job market, giving them the tools to sell themselves in a succinct and engaging way. There is significant research on how first impressions are crucial to future success, and a lacklustre first impression can be very difficult to recover from.  

All student participants in this year's competition were provided with valuable feedback from the judges and will receive additional coaching including 'work shadowing', on-site visits or 'mock' interview.

Watch Pablo's winning 30-second pitch here: