​​​UNSW Australia’s Business School has an enviable reputation as one of Australia's leading business research institutions. Its success in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) grants adds to this.

Researchers have been awarded nearly half a million dollars in the current round of funding, for research into funding old age, and aged care.

Professor James Morley, Associate Dean (Research) said, "the results of this round represent an excellent performance. It reinforces the impact and reputation of UNSW Business School, because ARC funding is highly competitive, and considerable work goes into each application to ensure that the research is relevant and internationally significant."

The ARC grants for UNSW Business School are:

  • Hazel Bateman, Andreas Ortmann, Loretti Isabella Dobrescu, and Jacs Davis for research on “Super financial security: Improving flexibility, trust and communication” in collaboration with Unisuper Limited. Awarded $355,385 for 2015-2018
  • John Piggott, Michael Sherris, and Xianguo Yao for aged care research into “Long-term care financing and policy: Insights from a pilot program in China” in collaboration with the Institute for Population and Development Studies. Awarded $130,000 for 2015-2017

Professor Hazel Bateman said, “this grant will allow us to carry out vital research, and address the significant world-wide challenge of how to safeguard financial well-being at older ages. The project builds on an existing alliance between the care industry and the superannuation industry leader, UniSuper. We will use a combination of innovative modelling, experimental, and field based approaches, and aim to gain insights into the factors that guide superannuation choice, build trust with superannuation providers, and ensure clear and effective communication with members.”

Professor John Piggott also described the award given for research into aged care. “This project will develop new methodologies to improve long-term care usage and cost projections, using real-time data from a pilot program in China. The Chinese data-base is unique, and will allow us not only to assess the cost of aged care in the China program, but also to link this with international experience to quantify the impacts of alternative policy structures.” 

For further details contact:
James Morley on 02 9385 3366.
Hazel Bateman on 02 9385 3096.
John Piggott on 02 9385 5903.

Media contact: 
Julian Lorkin: 02 9385 9887