Written by: Sam Shephard
COX Richardson Architects are proud to announce the COX NSW University Scholarship Initiative.
In partnership with the University of NSW, University of Sydney and University of Technology Sydney, this scholarship program aims to encourage and nurture the architects and designers of the future.
The recipients of the scholarships for 2015 are Karin Ke (USyd), Jacqueline Lindeman (UNSW), and Rebakah Collins (UTS).
These scholarships are invaluable, with an opportunity to gain firsthand experience in an established architecture firm and learn from architects and designers who have worked on major projects, both nationally and internationally. This experience offers a foot in the door for architecture students who are driven to pave their way in the design industry.
Jason Goh, a current architecture graduate at COX, was a winner of the UNSW scholarship in 2014. He emphasised the importance of such an award for students as architecture firms look to hire people with experience. “Employers generally look for students and fresh graduates with some level of work experience and the COX NSW University Scholarship bridges that through the internship opportunity”.
These scholarships are awarded annually to students who have displayed a high standard of work at their respective institutions. In addition, applicants also submit their portfolio and attend an interview which is assessed by representatives from each of the universities and the firm.
Ramin Jahromi, a Senior Associate at Cox Richardson and one of the drivers behind the program, in addressing the audience stated, “We felt that we, as an organisation wanted to be more involved in universities, not only as critics and with some studio involvement, but rather more
holistically in engaging with the faculties through internships and scholarships”.
He continued, “We strongly believe that engagements with the universities are important and this is centred around the future of this profession”.
The recipients then each presented to the audience gathered at the COX Sydney studio to announce the scholarships. Each of these presentations gave everyone an insight into the ideas that inspire and represent architecture for each of them.
The recipients have each displayed a high level of intelligence, creativeness and passion in being awarded their scholarships which will be welcomed and further developed in the COX studio environment in Sydney.