UNSW Art & Design Open Day at our Paddington Campus on Saturday 5 September is the best way to experience what it’s like to be a  Bachelor of Design (Hons) student because you can explore our comprehensive range of open studio spaces, workshops and production facilities while students are actually working in them.

You’ll see how students at A&D engage in design thinking and cutting-edge practices to develop a unique creative voice. You’ll see design in the making and get the opportunity to talk to students and staff while they’re creating, collaborating and completing their works. 

Access to cutting edge studios, traditional and contemporary practice, and digital technology underpinned by a collaborative atmosphere will develop your knowledge, skills and capacities for design thinking, social innovation and entrepreneurship. You’ll be well equipped to build your own pathway and establish yourself as a confident design professional able to engage fully with contemporary design practice.

Sound like you? Grab a map from our info desk when you arrive and start exploring!

Visual Communication & Graphics

Find out how we engage with typography and communications strategies, media and platforms in the world of Visual Communication & Graphics.

Object Design

The object studio develops ideas into concepts, and converts these into 2D and 3D form. You’ll see students use design technologies and techniques to create models from materials.                                   

Spatial Design        

Explore the processes that underpin designing experiences, environments and places that excite and delight – see examples of interior and exterior design.


Find out about traditional and contemporary ceramic practice from classic wheelwork techniques to hi tech 3D printing with clay.                  


See material investigations and prototyping with leading researchers from ResMed Biomedical Engineering and take textiles from 2D concepts into 3D garments.          


Visit our suite of creative spaces for students to experiment, play and produce finished body, wearable and object-related works.

Find out more about UNSW Art & Design Open Day on the Paddington Campus and register here