Could your enterprise benefit from an infusion of new talent? Would you like to support the emergence and development of a new generation of designers, artists and media makers? Would you like to be first in the queue to identify and potentially hire energetic, imaginative and skilled new staff among the next generation of creatives who will disrupt and transform the world we know today? 

For more than 25 years UNSW A&D has developed and coordinated opportunities for Design students to undertake sustained workplace placements and to pursue industry pathways in a reciprocal relationship that sees businesses receive the very best in student innovation and entrepreneurship.

From 2016 we are expanding this national award winning program to ensure three of the four undergraduate degrees offered by UNSW Art & Design, including Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons), Bachelor of Media Arts (Hons) and Bachelor of Design (Hons), incorporate professional industry engagement opportunities in the form of internships and industry experience for all students. We have named this new program our Professional Experience Project or PEP.

Our existing PEP network membership consists of more than 900 partner organisations including local, regional and international enterprises and institutions from SME to global brands and corporations spanning all sectors of the economy and society across private, public, community-based and not-for-profit sectors. We are always looking for better ways to strengthen our relationships across every aspect of creativity and cuture, media and technology, business and the economy.

PEP includes diverse professional placements; studio placements, production placements, fieldwork or artist studio experiences; public exhibition or museum program development; residencies, master classes or competition entries, as well as International professional exchanges.

We invite companies and institutions, creative practices and professionals from across the breadth of art, design and media fields and the wider economic, cultural and social sectors to host these professional opportunities for our talented students.

There are many benefits of becoming a PEP partner. Through engagement with PEP, UNSW Art & Design and your business forge strong relationships that can lead to opportunities for connection, collaboration and creative innovation.

As a PEP Host you will:

  • identify emerging talent
  • embark on special projects you can’t normally resource
  • research better methods of engaging young recruits and employment opportunities
  • inspire students and their peers about their future career paths

Getting involved is easy; simply register by visiting our Professional Experience Partnerships page. As soon as you do we will get in contact and start discussing what opportunities you and our students can work on.