Being a student on our Paddington Campus means being part of an endlessly stimulating, challenging and fun art and design community. We’re home to people from more than 50 countries around the globe.

How can a one-minute video encompass everything that goes into the creative intensity of student life at UNSW Art & Design? Click play on the image above.

To study at UNSW Art & Design is to join a long history of internationally recognised artists, leading designers, makers, pioneering media creators and curators.

We develop friendships, creative and professional partnerships, set up businesses, push the boundaries with new and emerging technologies, transform and disrupt industries.

We create moments of beauty and imagine new possibilities. We solve problems, identify new ones, experiment, consolidate, break and make and innovate. We never stand still.

To suggest the kinetic experience of one day at UNSW Art & Design a two-person crew followed four students around the campus over several weeks.

The result is a fast-paced kaleidoscopic series of snapshots of life on our campus, in our studios, workshops, production facilities, galleries and laboratories. 

Thank you to the four main students featured in the video including; Bachelor of Fine Arts student Bronwen Williams, Master of Fine Arts student Yvonne East, Bachelor of Media Arts student Jobe Williams and Bachelor of Fine Arts student Karram Hussein.

You’ll also see students working in graphics, interaction design, textiles, ceramics, object design, animation, printmaking, spatial design, photography, motion capture, 3D fabrication, metal, wood, plaster.

If you like this video why not join us and become part of the cast of the next one?