Dear Students, Colleagues and Friends,

I am delighted to announce the new UNSW Architecture curriculum for 2016. The new curriculum will consolidate the strength of UNSW Architecture and its distinctive legacy and enhance further its prominent character and global standing. The new curriculum will make the architectural education here at UNSW one of the most inspiring and engaging programs for future leaders of the profession. Specifically:

We offer Architecture PLUS which is a comprehensive architectural education in the three year degree of Bachelor of Architectural Studies, followed by the professional degree of Master of Architecture with four significant areas of specialisation: high performance architecture, housing, urban conditions and social agency. You will graduate with a highly relevant and career-enhancing degree that puts design at the heart of your experience.

The substance of the course lies in its focus on how architecture responds to social and environmental challenges. UNSW Architecture offers an education with a global perspective. You will be learning among peers with deep insights and expansive ideas.

As a graduate of UNSW Architecture, you will join our highly acclaimed global community of alumni, including Australia’s only Pritzker Laureate (recognised as the Nobel Prize in Architecture) and UNSW Professor Glenn Murcutt.

To design and build sustainable, liveable architecture and cities is a grand challenge of humanity. Graduates of UNSW Architecture have the knowledge and skills to contribute to shaping a better world.

The thrust of this new curriculum is to provide students of architecture with an all-round and substantive foundation via the bachelor degree so that they can shape their future careers through the professional Master’s degree. Such is the “forum” spirit of UNSW Architecture that instead of promulgating one specific theory or approach it encourages each individual to identify their potential and to develop it through a professionally relevant path that is chosen by YOU. This is the strong point of distinction with UNSW Architecture.  

In October 2015 we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the first architectural graduates of UNSW, along with the inaugural appointment to the Judith Neilson Chair of Humanitarian Architecture. With these milestones, as well as the strategic building of a high-performance architecture group in both teaching and research, we will enter the new era of UNSW Architecture with considerable confidence and great anticipation.

We look forward to welcoming you to UNSW Architecture in the near future.

With warm regards,

Professor Xing Ruan, PhD

Director of Architecture. 

Click here for the Architecture Fundamentals curriculum flow chart: /sites/default/files/upload/New%20Architecture%20Curriculum%202016.pdf