UNSW postgraduate students will be the first in Australia to use a virtual internship platform to “try before they buy” a business career in Asia.

Orion is a joint project between UNSW Business School and start-up QLC.io, which will enable postgraduate  students to do up to 10 hours work a week with an Asia-based start-up in fields such as health care, education, economics and big data.

“This is an opportunity for our postgrad students to try before they buy a business career with a start-up in Asia,” said the School’s Deputy Dean Digital and Innovation, Professor Nick Wailes. “UNSW Business School commissioned this start-up to build us the Orion platform as a UNSW pilot project.” 

Orion is calling for 100 postgraduate students, including MBAs, to send in an application or expression of interest to take part.

“Over the past few days we’ve received a large number of applications, and we hope to receive more. There is significant demand for these exciting internship opportunities,” he said. “This opportunity touches on both pillars of the Business School’s 2020 strategy of enhancing students career ready skills and also giving them insight and understanding of Asia.”

“Every 2-3 years millennials will be moving jobs and starting new things,” said Will Fan, a UNSW Business School alumnus and cofounder of QLC.io. “Because these students will be working with start-ups they will also get to see what it is like to build a business from the ground up.”
“They will build their skills and confidence and this window into working in Asia will help them to make a considered career decision.”

QLC.io was launched about 3 months ago after being accepted by a start-up accelerator in Asia to set up a base in Singapore.

Applications close on 25 September, with the first virtual internships expected to begin in early October.

Media contacts:
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Will Fan, co-founder QLC +65 8457 4091; 
Julian Lorkin, UNSW Business School 0405 805 365 ;