The editorial board of the Journal of Complexity was recently restructured, following the passing of long-time Editor-in-Chief Joseph Traub

The reorganisation has resulted in a high representation of UNSW Mathematics & Statistics staff in leadership roles on the board.

A/Prof Josef Dick, previously an Associate Editor of the publication, has now been promoted to the role of Senior Editor.

Professor Ian Sloan and Associate Professor Frances Kuo are also members of the the editorial board - Senior Editor and Associate Editor respectively.

The School now has an unprecedented leadership role in this internationally significant journal.

The Journal of Complexity publishes original research papers that contain substantial mathematical results on complexity, including outstanding review papers. The Journal of Complexity also publishes articles that provide major new algorithms or make important progress on upper bounds. Other models of computation, such as the Turing machine model, also appear. Computational complexity results in a wide variety of areas are featured.

(Pictured clockwise from top: Josef Dick, Frances Kuo, Ian Sloan)