Carla Treloar

We are delighted that Hepatitis NSW announced Professor Carla Treloar, Deputy Director of the CSRH  and head of the Centre’s hepatitis research team at UNSW, as the winner of the 2015 Cheryl Burman Award.

The Cheryl Burman Award is presented annually to an individual or team operating in NSW in recognition of their outstanding commitment to the advancement of prevention, support, information provision, management or treatment for people living with viral hepatitis.

Following the presentation of the award to Professor Treloar at the Hepatitis NSW Annual General Meeting and Audrey Lamb Community Forum, Hepatitis NSW CEO Stuart Loveday noted Professor Treloar’s ongoing dedication to the fight against viral hepatitis in NSW. “In her roles Professor Treloar works tirelessly to combat the devastating effects of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) by better understanding the experiences of those people at risk of contracting hepatitis C and of those people living with the virus – through the lens of social research,” Mr Loveday said.

Employing a range of methods across the fields of social psychology and public health, Carla’s work emphasises the ‘social’ aspects of living with the virus. Professor Treloar said, “It is an honour and a privilege to be presented the Cheryl Burman Award for 2015. Thank you to the Burman family and Hepatitis NSW for this recognition in Cheryl’s name.”

Cheryl Burman, former Board member and President of the Hepatitis C Council of NSW – now Hepatitis NSW – died in 2011 after a long and arduous struggle with hepatitis C related liver disease. Approximately 90,000 of the estimated 230,500 Australians living with chronic hepatitis C live in NSW. Tragically, it is estimated that 690 Australians lost their lives to hepatitis C-related liver disease in 2014 alone. “The effort to address the hepatitis C epidemic in Australia is clearly an ongoing one – and we are fortunate to have people like Professor Carla Treloar to help lead these efforts,” Mr Loveday concluded.

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