​"The Contemporary Relevance of Karl Marx's Heterodox Political Economy" is one of the subjects to be discussed at the 14th Australian Society of Heterodox Economists Conference 2015, hosted by the UNSW Business School.

Global trends in youth employment and unemployment, the 'Political Economy of Autism, with details of what must be done to stop the growing epidemic', and the 'Economic theory and the problem of policy development with methodological implications and issues for heterodox economics', are just some of the subjects to be discussed at the conference to take place on the 7th and 8th of December 2015.

The Heterodox Economists Conference explores economic issues from a non-mainstream perspective.

Conference organiser, Associate Professor Peter Kriesler, says the conference will examine topics often viewed as divorced from conventional economic theory, such as human rights, issues of gender inequality and the environment.

"The conference will explore issues around the global economic crisis and its impact on important economic and related aspects of the international economy, including its impact on the environment, development, equality and social justice," said Professor Kriesler. "We are expecting about 75 attendees, not only from academia and from business but from the broader community as well."

"We call ourselves the Heterodox Economists as Heterodox is derived from the Greek, meaning not holding orthodox opinions, and in the conference we like to express something that goes against economic dogma. In particular many of us hold the belief that there is a much broader view of the economy which incorporates everything which influences the quality of life."

Phil O'Hara will give the keynote address on "Karl Marx's Heterodox Political Economy".  He is Director of the Global Political Economy Research Unit.

The 2015 Society of Heterodox Economists Conference is sponsored by the School of Economics at UNSW Business School, and the Department of Political Economy, University of Sydney.

Media are invited to attend the conference and interview speakers.

Media contact:

Julian Lorkin: 02 9385 9887