UNSW Science trialled a pilot Work Experience Program for the week of 30 November to 4 December 2015, with participation from the Climate Change Research Centre, Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences, Physics, and Mathematics and Statistics. 

We hosted the students on day 4 of the program, and scheduled a full day of activities for the 20 participating students who hailed from schools across Sydney and some regional areas of NSW.

The year 10 students arrived in the morning to an overview of the School presented by Head of School Bruce Henry. An engaging panel discussion followed, featuring Thomas Britz, Geoff Carroll, Shane Keating, Daniel Mansfield, James Nichols, Thais Rodrigues, and Sabarina Shafie. The discussion canvassed careers, job satisfaction, persistent stereotypes about mathematicians, female underrepresentation in maths, and several other topics.

The students then participated in a problem-solving session, requiring them to tackle a broad range of challenging questions.

After lunch, the students formed into groups and rotated through four different maths and stats research-related activities run by staff members. They also viewed a demonstration of our "Weather in a Tank", a rotating tank designed to mimic ocean currents and eddies.

The final activity required the students to film each other presenting some of the information that interested them during the day.

Thank you to all who assisted during the day: Daniel Mansfield & Susannah Waters (coordinators), Thomas Britz, Geoff Carroll, Austen Erickson, Gery Geenens, Ashish Goyal, Shane Keating, Veronica Li, Daniel Mansfield, James Nichols, Benoit Pasquier, Thais Rodrigues, and Sabarina Shafie.