INK REMIX: Contemporary Art from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong at UNSW Galleries showcases work by artists from across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 

All of the participating artists are grounded in the history and legacy of ink wash painting in Asian culture, however their departure from tradition is as unique for the individual artist as it is profound. 

The artists in the Ink Remix show were selected specifically for their understanding of the nature and history of brush stroke painting and their ability to manipulate, rethink and subvert the tradition.   The exhibition is a showcase and celebration of their reinterpretations, including videos, multi media works, installations and pen and ink on silk, tofu and high heeled rice paper boots.

The 14 selected artists, including Chen Shaoxiong, Feng Mengbo, He Xiangyu, Hung Keung, Cindy Ng, Sio Ieng, Ni Youyu, Pan Hsin-hua, Peng Hung-chih, Peng Wei, Qin Zhijie, Wilson Shieh, and Charwei Tsai, are without exception contemporary, having all been born after 1960.  They each have lived through and experienced social and political turmoil as a result of the rise of China; a phenomenon that economists and political analysts acknowledge as the most monumental force of social and economic change the world has experience in the last century.

Ink Remix references both ancient and modern influences on people from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.   

The exhibition is curated by contemporary Chinese art scholar, Dr Sophie McIntyre, and presented in partnership with Canberra Museum and Gallery.

On Tuesday, 15 March, INK REMIX curator Dr Sophie McIntyre will be in conversation with artist Yao Jui-Chung at 12pm in the Galleries. Yao Jui-Chung is also exhibiting work in the 20th Biennale of Sydney, which runs 18 March - 5 June, 2016.

The exhibition continues at UNSW Galleries until 21 May.