Packaging design presents a special challenge to designers. It requires understanding of the values of targeted consumers; an appreciation of the product itself; the ability address two-dimensional and three-dimensional design issues; to say nothing of the pressure of budgets and timeframes. Done well and the product will not only sell, it will make a lasting impression in the minds of consumers and sometimes win the designers national recognition.   

Christian Andree and Elki Lemmetty are on their way to mastery of this tricky design discipline. As 23 year olds, and graduates of less than one year from UNSW Art & Design, they submitted a packaging design in the 2014 Sydney and Melbourne Design Awards. Their goal was to re-brand loose leaf tea to appeal to the Australian male consumer. 

Before undertaking this design challenge, they conducted market analysis and research into gender specific consumer behaviours and found what they believed was a trend towards tea packaging created to appeal primarily to women. Their corrective design strategy resulted in The Tea Guild; tea packaged to appeal to male tastes and values.  

Using custom fabricated tins, a Queensland walnut storage box, a stainless steel tea strainer, bespoke coasters, an embossed wax seal, and clean strong typographic design, their presentation packed a punch in the eyes of the judges. Christian and Elki received their first gold and silver national design awards. 

Having achieved such kudos, Christian and Elki’s work caught the attention of Sydney software development studio, This Little Duck. This Little Duck had been given the job to completely remake the UNSW Art & Design website. While the company felt confident providing the programming and software solutions required to underpin a fast responsive site, they also wanted to ensure the front-end aesthetic met with expectations of the target audience – a sophisticated art and design community. Christian and Elki were hired to do just this.

Christian and Elki are the force behind the Sydney design studio, Made Somewhere. Their clients include Medibank, Marrickville Council and Street Fifty Eight.

More information on Made Somewhere can be found here.