Yesterday we hosted an event to observe Harmony Day and to welcome our new staff.

Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, celebrating Australia’s cultural diversity.

Staff members, along with PhD and Honours students, gathered in the Staff Room to celebrate over afternoon tea. Head of School Bruce Henry welcomed our new School members who are joining us from many corners of the globe.

Attendees marked off their city of origin on a map of the world, resulting in a colourful visual demonstration of the multicultural nature of our School.

Welcome to all of our new staff and students!

New staff and students:

Joshua Capel (appointed to work on Norman Wildberger’s online teaching initiatives)

Paul Hancock (Visiting Teaching Fellow; maths teacher from Woonona High)


Boris Beranger (working w/ Scott Sisson)

Paulina Cetina-Heredia (working w/ Moninya Roughan)

Shivanesh Rao (working w/ Moninya Roughan)

Wesley Brooks (working w/ David Warton)

Loic Thibaut (working w/ David Warton)

Davor Dragicevic (working w/ Gary Froyland)

Maike Massierer (working w/ David Harvey)

Huy Chieu Nguyen (working w/ Jeyakumar)

Tristan Sasse (working w/ Mark Holzer)

Kosuke Suzuki (working w/ Josef Dick)

Takehito, Yoshiki (working w/ Josef Dick)

Dinh Thi Tran (working w/ John Roberts)

Associate Lecturer

Daniel Mansfield


Jia Deng

Renata Render

Alina Ostafe

Senior Lecturer (Pure)

Liangyi Zhao

Administrative Assistant, School Office (job share w/ Venus Lim)

Gemayne Malapit

New Postgraduate students (and their supervisor)

Al-Shakarchi, Shaymaa Shawkat Kadhim – Ian Doust

Chin, Vincent - Scott Sisson

Dronavalli, Mithilesh – Jake Olivier

Gill, Gurtek Singh – Peter Straka

Huang, Jinghao - Fedor Sukochev

MacKinlay, Daniel - Zdravko Botev

McDonald, Edward Andrew - Fedor Sukochev

Stindl, Thomas James Karl – Feng Chen

Tan, Wai Hong – Feng Chen

Vella, Dominic Michael – Ian Doust

Whitaker, Thomas Grieve – Scott Sisson

Chng, Zhi Yee - Thomas Britz

Rajkumar, Ramanan  - David Harvey

Scheckter, Thomas Tzvi – Fedor Sukochev