The Alumni Leaders Mentoring Program welcomed a new cohort of mentors and mentees at a packed launch event on the evening of 6 April 2016. Entering its third year, the program runs for three months and pairs Alumni Leaders with BCom International students prior to their overseas exchange. The program is designed for the Business School’s most academically accomplished students and encourages a ‘real world’ business experience.

“UNSW Business School prides itself on giving students real world exposure and experience, and helping provide a seamless transition from study to the work world. This program is a core part of that strategy,” said Professor Chris Styles, Dean, UNSW Business School.

This year’s program matched twenty-six BCom International students with some of UNSW Business School’s most distinguished senior alumni. Students will have the opportunity to learn from the likes of Marina Go, Chair, West Tigers Rugby League, Dr. Ric Simes, Director, Deloitte Access Economics, Deanne Stewart, CEO MetLife Australia, and Michael Crouch, Executive Chairman, Midgeon Holdings.

“The willingness of mentors to really listen to the hopes and dreams of their mentees, and to share their own stories – mistakes as well as triumphs – is what sets this mentor program apart,” noted Styles.

“It is hugely impressive for our students that our alumni want to engage with them in this way. The commitment of our alumni to taking part in this kind of program sends a clear message to our students that the choices they make are important, that their careers and their futures matter,” Styles added.

The BCom International students participating in the program come from diverse backgrounds and have broad interests across the business world – everything from economics and finance to technology and international relations. As they embark on their mentorship experience, many will be looking for guidance and insights on work culture, job roles and responsibilities, corporate structure, and the transition between university learning and job expectations.

"The Alumni Leaders Mentoring Program provided me with the clarity and confidence I needed regarding professional development and direction,” explained Yoshiki Imiya, a former mentee. “I was better able to position myself in regards to my personal goals through hearing an alumni leader’s perspective on what I could and should do at present to achieve my goals."

With this new found clarity and confidence, students are better able to navigate the world post-university with a clear sense of purpose and possibilities.

“It is important for students to have a connection with the world beyond university and to receive objective input about available career options. It builds confidence and can be a real eye opener for them,” said Daniel Gauchat, an Alumni Leaders mentor.

“Providing students with a genuine and caring source of information and ideas can have a profound and lasting effect,” Daniel added. “It is as rewarding for the alumni as it is for the students.”

To learn more, please visit the UNSW Business School’s Alumni Leaders website.