Carla Treloar director

Professor Carla Treloar has been appointed as the new Director of the Centre for Social Research in Health (CSRH) at UNSW Arts & Social Sciences.

Carla has, until now, served as the Deputy Director of the CSRH. Carla also serves as the head of the Centre’s hepatitis research team.

As one of the leading international experts in social research in hepatitis C, Carla has published extensively on the decisions about hepatitis C and barriers/facilitators of engaging in care including collaborative projects evaluating a number of hepatitis C treatment and care models.

Carla has been a member of many advisory groups for research, government and non-government agencies, including the Ministerial Advisory Committee for Blood Borne Viruses and Sexually Transmissible Infections (MACBBVS) and also the NSW Health Ministerial Advisory Committee on Hepatitis.

In February this year, Carla was named as a PLuS Alliance Fellow for Global Health, working together with Fellows from UNSW, Arizona State University and King’s College London across borders, in pursuit of the Alliance’s efforts to innovate technology, social justice, global health and sustainability.

In 2015, Carla was awarded the Cheryl Burman Award by Hepatitis NSW, in recognition of her outstanding commitment to the advancement of prevention, support, information provision, management or treatment for people living with viral hepatitis.

Carla says that she is “honoured to be able to support the outstanding work of scholars at the Centre” and remains committed to the partnership approach to research, practice and advocacy.

To read Professor Carla Treloar’s full biography, please visit her profile.