Associate Professor Chris Tisdell flew to Taipei last week for the inaugural Calculus World Cup final, which was hosted by National Taiwan University. 

The competition was promoted as the first world cup combining e-sports and Mathematics in a single competition. Prizes to the value of $70,000 were up for grabs for the final in Taipei, with 12 teams hailing from Taiwan, China, Russia, Ukraine and Indonesia in contention for the Cup.

Challengers were whittled down in preliminary rounds in February from a pool of 2,000 competitors from 45 countries and 300 universities across the globe.

A/Prof Tisdell was invited to be a commentator for the nail-bitingly tense final, which was streamed live and culminated in a win for National Taiwan University’s own team, “Calculus F".

A/Prof Tisdell, whose UNSW Mathematics and Statistics mug stole lots of prime airtime during the game (no small achievement, considering half a million people across the world tuned in!) said he was excited to be a part of the event and enjoyed his commentator role.

"It was fantastic to watch these students compete in the first ever Calculus World Cup. The gaming aspect of the competition was extremely fun and dynamic", revealed A/Prof Tisdell. "I'm sure that learning through gaming will be a big part of the future of education."

We will link to a video of the full broadcast here once it becomes available.