With the outcomes of the latest round of ARC Linkage Project grants announced last week, the UNSW Business School has secured funding to administer the research project:

“Governance and the investment performance of not-for-profit endowments”

The not-for-profit sector now accounts for almost $43 billion, over 4 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP), with volunteers contributing an additional $14.6 billion in volunteer work. 

“Governance and the investment performance of not-for-profit endowments”

Receiving $169,000 (FoR 1502), Professor Ron Masulis, Professor Jerry Parwada, and Associate Professor Kingsley Fong (School of Banking and Finance), with Mr Nigel Renton and Professor Ernst Maug, in collaboration with Credit Suisse AG and the University of Mannheim, will research the investment performance of the endowments held by NFPs, as this is an important contributor to revenue of NFPs.

Business School researchers are also involved in at least two other approved research projects administered at other institutions:

“Advancing Knowledge on Silence and Its Impact on Errors and Safety” received $230,000 (FoR 1503)

Employees often choose to remain silent about important issues at work, which can have devastating consequences

Professor Markus Groth from the School of Management in conjunction with a research team from the University of Sydney and in collaboration with the Prince of Wales Hospital, Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, and South Eastern Sydney Local Health, will investigate how silence emerges in teams, what sustains it, and how it affects error and safety outcomes.

“Garuwanga: Forming a Competent Authority to protect Indigenous Knowledge” received $244,000 (FoR 1801).

Working with the Aboriginal Community, Associate Professor Fiona Martin from the School of Taxation and Business Law in conjunction with a research team from the University of Technology, and in collaboration with Banyadjaminga Swaag Incorporated, Dharawal Traditional Knowledgeholders and Descendants Circle, Triple BL Pty Limited, and Madjulla Association, aim to identify, evaluate and recommend an appropriate legal structure to protect the biological diversity of indigenous communities traditional knowledge and culture.