On Friday 20 May we held our annual Girls Do the Maths Workshop in the Scientia's Leighton Hall. This year, we hosted a record 200 female students from over 20 different high schools.

The day's agenda included a talk by University of Georgia Professor and UNSW alumnus Professor Lynne Billard, a presentation from former student Emma Doolan, a lively session on "Knitting Mathematics" by the University of Edinburgh's Julia Collins, and a panel discussion.

The panel discussion, facilitated by PhD student Thais Rodrigues, was a particular highlight, and featured panel members Anna McGann and Gordana Popovic (PhD students), plus Mimi Greenbaum, Julia Renouf, and Danielle Ovens (undergraduate students). This forum gave the high school students an opportunity to pose their own questions about mathematics and statistics at university.

Thank you to all of our attendees and speakers, with a special thank you to the many volunteers who made the day such a success.