Students of MATH1131 (Mathematics 1A) and MATH1141 (Higher Mathematics 1A) are introduced to concepts that were discovered across many thousands of years of study. During this extensive period of time, many different styles of hat have passed in and out of fashion.

Students were asked to identify six pictures of well-hatted and famous mathematicians throughout history: Gauss, Euler, Fibonacci, Descartes, Archimedes and Berkeley. See if you can match the mathematicians with their picture below.

Students were then asked to vote for the mathematician which in their opinion has the best hat. The results were conclusive: Leonhard Euler has the best hat. The vote was not even close, with Euler taking an early start in the polls which he maintained during the two-week voting period. Here is the distribution of votes in Mathematics 1A

Honourable mentions go to Descartes and Archimedes. Curiously, MATH1141 students have similar hat preferences as MATH1131 students. With the exception of a swing against Bishop Berkeley and towards Gauss. Perhaps Bishop Berkeley's objections to calculus made him unpopular with the many pro-calculus voters in MATH1141.

Thanks to everyone in first year mathematics for voting!