Scientia Professor Trevor McDougall is heading up a formal review of Australia's needs and capabilities in the area of climate science, conducted by the Australian Academy of Science.

The Academy's Climate Science Capability Review, which commenced in May 2016, will report on the extent and size of climate science in Australia; current arrangements and characteristics of support of climate science in Australia; Australia’s potential to sustain its climate science workforce in the future; Australia’s ability to respond to new developments in climate science; and the means by which Australia’s climate science is disseminated to its users, and the appropriateness of the current arrangements for its dissemination.

"As the arrangements for conducting climate science in Australia are currently undergoing significant change, the Academy has decided to complete this review to assist the community to best manage that change, and identify those climate science capabilities of critical importance to the national interest", stated the Academy in a press release.

Other members of the steering committee, who have expertise in meteorology, international research hubs, atmospheric research, climate adaptation and other areas of climate research, include: Associate Professor Julie Arblaste, Dr Helen Cleug, Professor David Griggs FTSE, Professor Rod Keenan, Professor Neville Nicholls FAA, and Dr Graeme Pearman AM FAA FTS.

Professor McDougall is internationally renowned for his ground-breaking work on ocean mixing processes and the thermodynamics of seawater. Last year, he received the Australian Academy of Science's Jaeger Medal for Research in Earth Sciences. In 2015 he also oversaw the Australian Academy of Science's report, "The Science of Climate Change".

We wish Trevor all the best in leading the Academy's climate science review.