School of Economics Lecturer Judith Watson has spoken to Professor Kevin Fox, Director of UNSW Business School’s Centre for Applied Economic Research, about quantitative methods, CAER’s three main areas of research (Real estate, Law and Economics and Economic Measurement), and the Centre’s role in informing public policy. 

The interview was held as part of a Teaching and Learning Enhancement Project being carried out by Dr Alice Shiu of Hong Kong Polytechnic University in collaboration with Judith Watson with the aim to enhance students’ learning and understanding of quantitative methods in real world situations. In the interview Professor Kevin Fox also discusses the importance of high quality data in producing better information for policy and business decisions.

He elaborates on the attractiveness of quantitative methods, career opportunities and how economics can help you understand the business world around you; from incentives to the impact of policy on businesses and the greater community.

Dr Alice Shiu is a former PhD student of Professor Fox and this collaboration is part of the School of Economics’ and CAER’s commitment to the UNSW Business School’s 2020 strategies for an outstanding career-focused student learning experience and encouraging sustainable two-way engagement within Asia. ​​

Watch Professor Fox's full interview Here