Friday 17 June has been declared a National Day of Action for the Arts with a theme of ‘Art changes lives'.

The purpose of the initiative is draw attention to the essential role that creativity, culture and the arts play in our humanity, social and economic lives. 

On this day—across all art forms— a cultural sector wide network is calling for collective action, a demonstration of support from artists, institutions and organisations across Australia.

Advocates for the arts and culture are calling for participants to take a stance, make an action, create a happening, a media event, down tools, close your spaces, or release a statement: MAKE A NOISE, MOBILISE YOUR BASES!

For example artists' membership and advocacy organisation the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is supporting these actions and is seeking the involvement of the major galleries, contemporary art spaces, commercial galleries, art schools and independent artists around the country.

Numerous other leading arts and cultural organisations and groups such as 'The Protagonists' are calling for others to join the initiative. 

Artists and arts workers will conduct video vox pops with the audience at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia between 10.30am - 5pm on the day and this testimony will be provided to the Arts Minister.

More information about the event and how you can get involved can be found here.