The time of shared success: AGSM partners with Baume et Mercier

Management education and quality watchmaking share an engagement with excellence, innovation and challenge. A wonderful watch can be a perfect reflection of an MBA graduates’ entry into the professional world – an unforgettable moment of success.

This year AGSM has partnered with Swiss luxury watchmaker Baume et Mercier, who are masters at capturing these qualities in beautiful time pieces.

The AGSM Baume et Mercier partnership was officially launched last month at the UNSW Business School Awards Ceremony, where the two top-performing MBA students were awarded The Baume et Mercier MBA Excellence Award for academic achievement. Nandini Gaur and Matthew Shiskowski were presented with beautiful Classima watches, and were further celebrated at the AGSM Graduation Reception during an address from Baume et Mercier Country Manager Jean Conrié.

‘As a considerate and active partner of many colleges and universities around the world, Baume et Mercier supports the latest generation by creating strong emotional ties with the leaders of tomorrow,’ said Mr Conrié.

Baume et Mercier also awarded a Classima watch to the AGSM annual Pitch Perfect Competition winner and MBA Class of 2017 Candidate Samantha Loaring. The competition provides the AGSM full-time MBA class with the opportunity to prepare, perfect and present a video of their ‘introductory’ pitch. The winner was announced at the prestigious Careers Showcase event held in June, connecting full-time and part-time students with alumni business leaders.

Director AGSM, Deputy Dean UNSW Business School Professor Julie Cogin awarded the students their prizes at both events while proudly wearing her own Baume et Mercier watch. “AGSM and Baume et Mercier embody the same values of excellence, leadership and success,” said Julie. ‘Our partnership is a perfect reflection of these values and it’s a wonderful opportunity to reward our top students with the new Classima watch that exemplifies these values.’

The partnership will continue until 2018 and AGSM will continue to work with Baume et Mercier on initiatives across the next three years.


For Baume & Mercier, a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality watches since 1830, time is not only about the passing of hours. It is a series of emotions that should be celebrated with elegance and a certain amount of simplicity. Like an initiation rite, graduating is one of the most memorable moments in life, often shared with close friends and family; a moment that is never forgotten, where emotions are captured by a timepiece, a Classima watch that "keeps the time." This watch forever embodies the unforgettable memories of graduation, lasting college friendships, and a sentimental attachment to the college that made it all possible. More than a charm, it is a bearer of good luck and an intimate key to the professional world that is given to preserve a memory, on the wrist, of this special time of life. These timepieces are also a precious glimpse into the world of Swiss watchmaking. The elegance, timelessness, and accessibility of Baume & Mercier watches make them ideal for celebrating graduation and a sense of belonging to the college family. As a watchmaker with a humanist approach, Baume & Mercier proudly supports the talented men and women of tomorrow in expressing their potential.


Higher education and quality watchmaking have much in common. Baume & Mercier's support for the world's leading colleges and universities began in Switzerland in 2014, with the Zurich Academy of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (HWZ) and the prestigious Lausanne Hotel School (EHL), where a watchmaking class was organised to accompany a conference given by Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier, on the luxury market and world of watchmaking. In 2015, celebratory events are also planned at the London Business School in partnership with the School’s Student Association, Hong Kong UST (rank #1 MBA in Asia), and the American University in Dubai. Two conferences will also be chaired by Alain Zimmermann at the most illustrious business school in Italy, Bocconi. One of the conferences, called Leadership Series, will demonstrate his leadership vision as well as the challenges he has faced throughout his career.

Finally, a Watch Design Contest will be launched in cooperation with the University of Bologna, Europe's oldest university. This cooperation with colleges will continue during 2015 and beyond, with other renowned schools in the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Baume & Mercier's vision is of capturing time and storing it in a box of emotions.


What do people remember of their college years? A valued education, great friendships, smiles and sometimes tears, class contacts, intense lasting memories, and a Baume & Mercier watch given at graduation. The strength of these links, this sense of belonging is celebrated by Baume et Mercier – the preferred quality watchmaker for colleges.