​​The first of its kind - the UNSW Business School edition of the iconic board game will be launched at UNSW Open Day (3rd September 2016).

Over 25,000 people are expected to come to UNSW’s Kensington campus for advice on making the ‘right move’ for their undergraduate degree.

Marketing Manager for UNSW Business School, James Lew said “Being the first in Australia is a great way to promote the UNSW Business School brand to our prospective target audience, especially those who don’t know us. There is an element of fun that we wanted to associate with our brand and student experience at the Business School, so we adapted and retitled the ‘Chance’ and ‘Community Chest’ cards to ‘Student Experience’ and ‘Alumni Networks’.”

Jason Cain, Business Development Manager for Winning Moves (the official global licensee for Hasbro Affinity Games) said “It’s hugely important for us to collaborate with UNSW Business School. We’re really happy to be producing this edition for education purposes and for a community engagement focus around UNSW Australia.”

Asked if it will be a success, Mr Cain replied “I think it’ll be received really well. Everybody remembers Monopoly from their early days. This is going to be a way to bring people together and to showcase the Business School. We’re really proud we can offer such a wonderful product and create such a fantastic buzz for UNSW Business School.”

Lew added, “People from the Business School worked with Monopoly to design new tokens, new Monopoly money notes with the Business School logo and branding. Iconic buildings and places within the university grounds that many of our students and alumni will have an affinity with are featured and may prompt our prospective students to find out more.”

International “guest” Mr Monopoly will visit the campus to unveil the UNSW Business School Monopoly game and students will be able to play on a life size version of the game, whilst gathering information about studying business at UNSW.

UNSW Business School Monopoly is available for pre-order now.

For further information: James Lew: 02 9385 1077 | 0478 492 119 | james.lew@unsw.edu.au​​​