Two UNSW Business School Professors were unanimously elected as Fellows of the Royal Society of New South Wales. The decision came from the Council and Fellows Committee of the oldest learned society in the Southern Hemisphere to elect Professor Geoff Harcourt and Professor Raja Junankar as members.

Established in Sydney in 1821, the Royal Society of New South Wales was originally named the Philosophical Society of Australasia. It was the first scientific society in the then British Colony of New South Wales. The aim of the organisation is to advance knowledge through the encouragement of studies and investigations in science, art, literature and philosophy.

Professor Geoff Harcourt, Visiting Professorial Fellow at the School of Economics said “It struck me as a very important society which is doing a lot of, ‘behind the scenes’ work for the appreciation of science. I’m delighted because it makes me a fellow of three institutions - any hat trick is pleasing for me at my age.”

Professor Raja Junankar, an Honorary Professor at the Industrial Relations Research Centre at UNSW Australia said “It’s a prestigious award. It’s a very old society and it’s had some very notable economists as members. It’s quite a distinction and a great honour.”