Twenty students gained invaluable cross-cultural experiences at the International IS & IT Practicum in China. Now in its second year, the two week intensive programme gives students an in-depth understanding of major enterprises and businesses in Tianjin and Beijing.

The program is supported by the Tianjin Institute of Software Engineering, and covers e-Commerce and innovation in China. The shift in paradigm from ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China’ has contributed to the emergence of robust technologies, improved personalised products, services to consumers and the widespread embracing of mobile technology.

The students, from the School of Information Systems Technology & Management, visited companies; such as Baidu, ride-sharing disruptors like Didi Chuxing, e-commerce and technology organisations like, SAP and Australian brands like Westpac. The sites allowed them to gain a greater understanding of e-Business operations.

It was also a culturally immersive and exciting visit for first-time students to China and included visits to the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street.