We know that different studio environments and resources are important to you, and we offer an unmatched range of them. On UNSW Art & Design Open Day, Saturday, 3 September, 9am -4pm, our campus and creative studio and production spaces will be buzzing. As Sydney’s leading Art & Design Faculty, we know that studio spaces, workshops and production facilities managed by leading designers, artists and creative professionals are vital. 

Our specialist Art, Design, and Media campus provides an array of traditional and artisanal studios and workshops alongside new and emerging high technology equipment and facilities. Visit us on Open Day, 3 September and learn more about some of the following:

Painting & Drawing Studios – span a number of upper floors of our largest building on campus. Our painting and drawing studios offer dedicated individual, group and collaborative work areas, flooded with natural light. Led and supported by renowned Australian artists, students in this studio become part of a challenging and supportive creative community. 

Graphics and Communications Studios – This studio is a large dedicated space where students passionate about exploring the possibilities of visual communication will find space to work with like-minded creative people. The area focuses on the fields of design communication across visualisation, the digital media ecosystem and print. 

Object Studio – The Object Studio is a large, flexible, and welcoming space for students interested in becoming object and furniture designers. Supported by technical experts, specialty workshops and award-winning edcuators and design practitioners, the Object Studio is a platform for study and research, experimentation and innovation in the design and construction of 3D objects.

Animation and Visual Effects Studio – This Studio is incorporates entertainment and media industry standard specialist hardware and software that enables students to learn and create animation, digital film based works, motion design, video installations, data visualisation, digital content, and experimental cross and transmedia. The Studio is supported by expert IT, teaching and industry based staff.

Video Sound Image Studio – This studio porvides student with superb technical equipment, resources and production environments across sound, moving, and still images. The studio is supported by experts in the fields of film, photomedia, audiovisual composition, video art, soundscape and media installation. Our state-of-the-art equipment is available to all students in these studios.

Textiles Studio – Our textiles Studio is a large dedicated space for the creation of innovative and contemporary designs for textiles. Run by  a team of leading textile designers, artists, dedicated educators and internationally recognised industry professionals, students work with traditional and new and emerging experimental materials and technologies. Why not discover what is happening in the expanding field of wearable technologies here.

Spatial Studio – The spatial studio is an open and flexible design working space for students to work on projects collaboratively and indvidually to learn about physical and virtual digital environments, including domestic, retail and commercial interiors, public exterior spaces, and exhibition installations. Led by innovative educators and practitioners students in this studio develop skills in spatial design thinking, drawing, modelling, and communications.

Ceramics Studio  - The Ceramics Studio is a welcoming series of busy spaces located on the ground floor of E Block. Run by award-winning ceramists and educators supported by outstanding technical staff, this studio provides an environment to work creatively while simultaneously exploring historic traditions and new high technology methods of clay making, including clay modelling, hand and wheel forming, surface treatment, glazing and firing technologies, slip casting, press moulding, and digital 3D technologies. 

Interactive Media Studio – Our Interactive  Studio is a working space for students studying and exploring technology-based creative practices, experimentation and innovation. It provides an environment supported by dedicated educators, designers, artists, media creators and techical staff, where students explore current and future media interactivity. The studio encourages DIY/Hacker/Maker culture in the development of original interactive art and design works.

Jewellery Studio – Led by seasoned experts in their field, this studio provides the necessary specialist tools, equipment, and industry insights for students to learn every aspect of becoming professional jewellers and designers. The area incorporates a multiple workspaces, each given to a different mode of production, where students design and produce wearable objects and small-scale interior objects.

Sculpture, Performance and Installation Studio – This large and dynamic studio space, occupying the first floor of the largest building on campus, is for students interested in exploring contemporary approaches to sculpture, performance, and installation. The area is supported by expert technicians and award-winning artists.   

Printmaking Studio - Our ever-popular and dynamic Printmaking studio offers large dedicated spaces for students and professional artists to work together. Run by one of Australia’s foremost printmakers, and regularly hosting high profile national and international contemporary artists the studio aims to provide a diverse technical foundation in both traditional and contemporary print methods, such as digital imaging, etching, lithography, relief printing, and screen-printing.

Photography Studio - Our Photography studio and darkrooms are active spaces for students interested in exploration and experimentation across photomedia, including traditional analogue processes, high-end digital imaging production, and expanded photo-practices. The studio is supported by leading artists, media creators and outstanding expert technical staff and includes access to darkroom facilities, film processing labs and loading booths, and a digital darkroom with state-of-the-art film and digital scanning equipment.