Every creative practitioner needs a supportive community.  UNSW Art & Design graduate, Anne Lise De Lorenzo, recognised this when in 2009 she established the Makerspace &Companya business devoted to bringing together designers and crafts people at all stages of career development.  Her belief was that creative professionals must have ongoing opportunities to make things and learn new skills in order to thrive. 

The Makerspace’s 1200 square meter Marrickville warehouse is devoted to building a sustainable culture of design innovation and excellence for a the widest range of communities. The organisation offers classes aimed at beginners through to advanced skills and experience levels across metal, wood, ceramics, furniture, and industrial design.  The Makerspace & Company also provides access to an array of tools, machinery, professional advice and expertise, and working spaces. 

And if you have a continuing need or a simply growing interest in producing design projects, Makerspace & Company offers membership options that include access to the workbenches, studios, materials, and use of machines. 

According to De Lorenzo, it’s a rare opportunity for people to come back for single day or multiple times throughout the month and use the facilities and resources to further their own design goals – be they personal DIY projects or professionally designed object series.   

Currently Makerspace &Company is offering membership discounts of 15% to UNSW students and 10% to UNSW graduates, as well as access to short courses structured to hone specialist skills in everything from welding to ceramics, screen printing to 3D modelling software, electronics to leatherwork, business skills and IP law for makers. Short courses can also be arranged by request if students or alumni are after a particular skillset.  

Makerspace &Company has extended operating hours throughout the week and is open on the weekends. Users may also book machines online to guarantee availability, and, when all is said and done, you can reserve an exhibition space to showcase your works for free.