A major international conference will examine Financial Cycles, Systemic Risk, Interconnectedness, and Policy Options for Resilience.

UNSW Australia’s Institute of Global Finance (IGF) in collaboration with the Asian Development Bank is to hold a major two-day international conference on 8-9 September.

Professor Fariborz Moshirian, the Director of the Institute of Global Finance at UNSW, says “the conference will look at a number of issues related to systemic risk, interconnectedness, business cycles, non-performing loans, and issues related to global and regional financial stability.”

Eminent scholars and policy makers from Asia, the US and Europe including Senior Representatives from the IMF, the BIS and the ADB will be attending this conference.

A number of high level senior officials at the Ministerial, Central Bank and senior regulator levels from China, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea are also amongst the keynote speakers of this conference.

Speakers include:

  • Nobel Laureate Prof Robert Engle, New York University - Interconnectedness and Prospects for Global Financial Stability
  • Prof Stijn Claessens, US Federal Reserve Board - Financial Cycles and Crisis in Asia
  • Prof Viral Acharya, New York University - The effects of Unconventional Monetary Policies
  • Dr Philip Lowe, Governor-Designate, Reserve Bank of Australia - Introductory Remarks

Journalists are invited to some parts of the conference, but must confirm their attendance in advance, and are only allowed to attend the session they have registered for. Non-registered Journalists will not be admitted.

For further details contact globalfinance@unsw.edu.au.

Media contact: Julian Lorkin: 02 9385 9887​