UNSW Australia Business School academics and affiliates will be putting forward keynote speeches and presentations at the annual Indigenous Business, Enterprise & Corporations Conference (IBECC).

UNSW Australia alumnus, leading lawyer and business woman, Terri Janke will be a keynote speaker at the conference. She will be talking about building a healthy Indigenous business sector and the legal issues surrounding the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP). “Indigenous people have been doing business for thousands of years; we will look at the means of trading in the digital economy, innovating and adapting. Using today’s products and services to strengthen and build an Indigenous business eco system, which can then continue and be passed over to future Indigenous generations” said Janke.

The conference, now in its fifth year, will examine the ongoing theme of the Indigenous economy and social change.

Associate Professor (School of Taxation & Business Law), Fiona Martin, will stress the legal and taxation responsibilities that go with sustaining a business and says historically there has always been a rich tapestry of Indigenous businesses, “Indigenous businesses have a long history of social entrepreneurship. The conference is important in highlighting the enhancement of the long term economic ability of Indigenous Australians that is vital to this country’s future.”

Rebecca Harcourt, Program Manager Indigenous Business Education has been engaged in the development of IBECC 2016 program is also thrilled this year within each stream of the conference there will be yarning circles to facilitate deeper engagement with all participants and tap into the knowledge and expertise across the sector. Her presentation will address the importance of ‘Building business acumen to strengthen self-determination’. Equally she will explore the value and role business education can play to foster an environment that provides value and support for the growing trend of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are embracing business knowledge and practice to strengthen their communities and improve the lives of their families.

Kristal Kinsella, who is a business woman and currently studying at AGSM , will be a key note speaker, panel member and present a workshop at IBECC. She says the conference is important in understanding the cultural elements and sentiments around the introduction of the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP). “The conference will offer allow people to understand what is happening in Indigenous businesses and what is driving them. It will give opportunities for cross collaboration and to develop relationships with peers in order to learn from each other.”

The Indigenous Business Enterprise and Corporations Conference 2016 will be held in Perth on the 1st – 2nd December.

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