This is a highly visible project that reflects an important contribution by our students to the local community through public art.
Meeks Street Plaza
UNSW Student Exhibition

Course:  ARCH1202 Architectural Design Studio 4 
Project Site: Waverton Coal Loader, North Sydney
Course Convener: Dr Ainslie Murray
Tutors: Jane Crawford, Karen Erdos, Kate Ferguson, Mathieu Gallois, Sam Marshall, Anita Panov, Mano Ponnambalam
About the project 
This exhibition at Meeks Street Plaza showcases local student work from UNSW Built Environment. Students in their second year of the Bachelor of Architectural Studies were engaged in an architectural design studio project that focused upon the relationship between art, architecture and landscape practices. They designed a hypothetical Experimental Art Foundation on the historic Waverton Coal Loader site in North Sydney. A series of contrasting spatial conditions were played out in this post-industrial landscape through experimental design practices, resulting in unique and highly integrated spatial propositions. 
The Experimental Art Foundation comprises a range of buildings and landscapes that resist traditional spatial classifications and enable flexibility for a range of unpredictable performances, exhibitions, experiments and events. Students spend a significant amount of time working collaboratively on site to explore radical interventions in the landscape. They also work closely with North Sydney Council, who are currently developing the site into one of Australia’s largest community gardens. 
This collection of images reflects a range of compelling moments in the evolving design projects. The architectural imagination of students is drawn out with innovative processes of manual model making, photography and overdrawing as a communication strategy that both illustrates and generates an architectural design process. Students are encouraged to experiment wildly – to soar and to fail – in recognition of the non–linear creative processes which their project must accommodate.
Mentors and Critics
Benjamin Allen, Nicholas Bucci, Peter Chivers, Nicole Chojecka, Miriam Elia, Jose Garcia, Maryam Gusheh, Lisa Ho, Laurence Kimmel, Patrick Lin, Yifei Luo, Man Hin Ma, Matt Markham-Lee, William McNaughton, Jacqueline Oliver, Andrew Scott, Joshua Sleight, Katrina Simon, Tany Tan, Alyce Thompson, Sadina Tursunovic, Selma Tursunovic, Mariel Vazquez, Sonia van der Haar, Benjamin Vella, Cassie Vicente, Luke Walker, Amy Zhu  
Special Guests
David Banbury, Craig Burton, Ian Hoskins, Paul Thomas, Vesna Trobec
Nour-Maria Abou Chahine, James Allsopp, Aristotelis Antoniou, Alicia Batt, Milli Bhatia, Morgan Boen, Khaled Fakhreddine, Christina Brooks, Matthew Burnett, Chenxin Cai, Yeji Cha, Kristy Chan, Taoyi Chen, Xi Chen, Yaying Chen, Jason Cheung, Jonathan Dalbert, Jonathan Deng, Yi Ding, Hanzhi Fang, Christie Foo, Edwin Fransisco, Sarah Gardiner, Sirah Giacco, Reuel Goh, Simone Gooley, Zhongying Guo, Emily Hallett, Qianhong He, Xuelin He, Lauren Hee, Xiaomeng Hou, Jiawei Hu, Christine Huang, Jing Hui, Connor Isaksen, Matthew Johnstone, Seo-Yeon Jung, Sidra Khokhar, Layla Kia, Paige Kodesh, Aude Meissane Kouassi, Fion Lai, Chelsea Larson, Ka Hou Lei, Sasha Lesiuk, Ka Lok Leung, Dongsheng Li, Guang Li, Jiayu Li, Rilun Li, Yanpei Li, Yuelei Li, Yuqing Li, Diannia Lim, Jingyu Lin, Bingling Liu, Isobel Locke, Zhuoqi Lu, Yifang Ma, Sinead Martin, William Maynard, Grace McIlroy, Kieran McNulty, Rachel Moody, Shao Liang Ng, Hepeng Ouyang, Angelica Pamudji, Samuel Pok, Tracey Poon, Robert Powell, Lichao Qin, Manying Qiu, Nicholas Raczka, Samantha Rich, Benjamin Rowbotham, Joshua Setioso, Qian Sha, Lachlan Smith, Rennie So, Stephen So, Xinye Song, Anna-Purna Srivastava, Fanqi Sun, Shannon Suryawan, Janette Tam, Yishun Tang, Xingtong Tao, Janice Teng, Dylan Tirtabudi, Jonathan Tong, Xinyue Tong, Carlos Veas, Mengyang Wang, Tongxin Wang, Yixin Wang, Charly Watson, Yue Wei, Johannes Welander, Jason Wirya, Chengyu Wu, Nathan Wu, Yizhu Wu, Yulun Wu, Yutian Xiang, Jiali Xiao, Jiaming Xu, Heming Yang, Zhenlei Yu, Andrew Yun, Qianhui Zeng, Chenyi Zhang, Shanshan Zhang, Shiyu Zhang, Zhaoxinyi Zhang, Tingting Zheng, Yuji Zhou
Exhibition Design
Matthew Burnett, Khaled Fakhreddine, Paige Kodesh, Sasha Lesiuk, Benjamin Rowbotham.

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